Friday, April 29, 2011

Accomplishments of the Obamaphate: Yet Another Record Price for Gold

BOTUS has proved that his Columbia and Harvard degrees have been worth alot ... to George Soros .... and China.

Ben's Quantitative Easing 2 and Barack's wildly reckless debt accumulation have together pushed gold to new highs....

Anyone up for a friendly (no money) wager on when it will hit $1,600/OzT?

Chart Source:

And, from today's Financial Times:

Gold surges to all-time price record

By Telis Demos in New York

Published: April 26 2011 05:07 | Last updated: April 29 2011 21:45

UPDATE: 21.30 BST. The price of gold surged some $30 on Friday, capping a week of gains as investors bet that the world’s central banks would keep pumping money into the world economy for the time being.

An ounce of gold hit a high of $1,569.30, rising 2 per cent in the the biggest one-day percentage gain since December, as investors rushed to protect themselves against the rapidly falling value of the dollar....

Click the linked title above to read the whole disturbing story.


  1. Well, at least he stimulated something. That, and gun sales.

  2. Matt... is exactly right.

    I added both an MBR and a 45 auto in celebration of the Won's glorious ascendency. As for gold, I've invested in plenty of it - in both calibers.