Friday, December 11, 2009

Rasmussen Reports: Republicans Lead in 5 of 6 2010 Senate Races

In 5 out of 6 2010 U.S. Senate Seat Races, Republican challengers are leading their potential Democrat Opponents. In five of these races, the Demoncrats are the incumbents. Click on the linked Orange state names below to read the full Rasmussen Poll report for the respective race.

Basically, a Referendum on Harry "the Dweeb" Reid

Its Pat Toomey's to lose, not a great lead, but still a lead.
Expect privilege addicted Arlen to get really nasty on Toomey. And yes, its another referendum on the Democrat incumbent.

All three Republicans leading Chris (The Bankers' Butt Boy) Dodd
A clear referendum on this rotting corpse of a political skunk


Boz's Home State, and Kirk (R) behind in only
one of three potential match-ups and in that race by just 2 percentage points, probably within the margin of error.
Not too slouchy for the seat formerly held by Mr. Hope N. Change.

And finally,

from the land of Bill & Hill,

Incumbent Blanche Lincoln running behind
all 4 potential Republican opponents


  1. This is encoiuraging news. I would hope as the new year unfolds, the leads increase. Sad as it is, we have to assume we to have to win by all the more to overcome the fraud.

  2. I still find it amazing that the Democrats so completely and consistently misinterpret the public mood. How could they not expect huge opposition to their massive spending hikes?

    Or is that Barry truly does not much care about a second term? He just wants to pass his flagship policies, which will be nightmarish to repeal once instituted. So Democrats are following him off the cliff like lemmings, all in order to pass laws that will force America on a leftwards bent.

    It could be disastrous in the short-term, but equally advantageous for them as a party in the long-term.

    It doesn't fit in with his legendary ego, but, then again, you can only be The First African-American President the first time around.

  3. Please Allow Me to Retort!

    You are LINKED on this fine piece, Sir-

    -Enjoy Your Weekend


  4. LA... Are we sure that Republicans are ahead? Or is it the the Demos are falling behind?

    It's exactly like the last elections... The Republicans lost kuz they sucked, big time.

    I think it's a repeat in Demo name.

    Let's put it this way: Republicans will start winning when they begin to advocate genuine libertarian-conservative ROLL-BACK policy.

    Until then we're stuck with the Party that stinks the least, as it were, whichever it is on any given week.



  5. @ Matt: Encouraging yes to the extent that it means the Dems are in serious danger of holding their nearly iron grip on power after November 2010. Still, I'm with Ran on the point that even if the Repubs clean sweep the House in 2010, we'll all stay in a self-destructive cycle which party stinks worse until such time as the Republican leadership decides to laser focus their principles and never stray from core values again.

    @ Track: I sometimes find myself wavering between thinking (1) that the Dems are so hopelessly stupid and arrogant that they can't see the political Tsunami headed their way or, alternatively, (2) that their TOP leadership are really quite smart, essentially communist, and bent on destruction of our economic way of life.

    Lately, I've been leaning heavily toward (1) as most evidence points that way.

    @ RRR: Many thanks James!

    @ Ran: You are right on point friend. Happy Chanukkah.

  6. LA - yeah, I'm torn, as well. Problem is, though, that statists have won the long game everywhere else (in the advanced world) but America.

    Once new g'ment programs/entitlements/departments/whatever have been instituted, it is extremely rare that they're ever repealed or abolished. In this way, free people are gently led down the road of greater and greater submission to the state.

    And they do not resist; they welcome it, tragically.

    What have we undone since FDR's massive expansion of the state?