Friday, July 10, 2009

Uncouth American Emperor Trolls Moscow Nightclub With Wife and Daughters

From Mat Rodina comes this highly entertaining post on BOTUS' night out in Moscow:

Obama Inadvertently Insults His Russian Hosts

In the first official visit to Russia, Barack Obama (his name in Russia, interestingly means "barracks" барак) has continued the tradition of his cabinet in making unwitting stupidities and unrecognized insulting gestures.

From Hillery's misnamed button (what there are no native Russian speakers in the US?) to Obama ditching Prime Minister Putin for dinner to go hang out, with his family, at the exclusive club O2 in Moscow, where oligarchs bring their wenches, not their wives. Never mind the question, who brings their small children, daughters no less, to such a club, where high end prostitution and absolute decadence is the absolute norm? Is this the American values advertised?

Of course we should not feel alone, he did the same to President Sarkozy, in Paris, where he blew off the president of France to go on a date with his wife in the city.

What the American emperor needs to understand is: 1. Paris and Moscow are not his vassals. 2. Business dinners are where a very large amount of key deals are made and foundations laid. 3. He is on official business not vacation and 4. THIS IS EXTREMELY INSULTING TO RUSSIANS!!!

While the Anglo media continues to fawn over every action of the American Emperor, to such a degree as to make even our Soviet era state media blush with embarrassment, the gaffs and inadvertent insults pile up. The people of Russia are not amused nor entertained. If anything, this goes to only further uphold the already negatively slanted view.

One of the most important functions a person can be invited to, for Russians, is a dinner. This is a very important social convention to share bread with a guest and to show him honour and respect. In Russian, we have a word for this: гостеприимность or literally, the acceptance of guests. It is a serious black mark on a person, family or organization, if they do not accept guests well. This was taken to such a degree by our ancestors that a nobleman was obligated to make war on another nobleman, if a guest of the first went to the second and was than insulted or treated otherwise poorly.

On the other side of the coin, a guest must be courteous, accept (unless there si a serious reason why he can not and hanging out in an exclusive lounge, populated mostly by high powered thieves and their whores, is not much of an excuse) and should absolutely never, ever come empty handed. Even if it is but a symbolic gift, like candy or flowers, bring something, especially when coming for the first time.

That the US Emperor shows no regard for Russian customs, while in Russia, shows how little things are likely to change and how much the present powers in DC absolutely disregard Russian sensibilities.

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