Friday, November 8, 2013

Barack Obama, #44, Has a Very Bad 44 Day

Out of Scott Rasmussen's old shop, comes news that Obama has slipped to a 44 % approval rating. Most significant about the Rasmussen numbers however is that his STRONG DISAPPROVAL number is the same as his Total Approval Number: 44%. Total Disapproval is at 55% while strong approval comes in at a feeble 22%. Obama earns a dismal approval index of -22%*

I'll defer to N.O.I. Minister Louis Farrakhan to decipher the numerological implications of Obama's poll results as I've got no hot-line to the mother-ship.

*determined by subtracting the "Strong Disapproval" Number from "Strong Approval" Number. 


  1. Lower, but I'm still mystified about any approval at all outside of the entitled, the racially biased, etc.

  2. Bad habits die slowly? Let's face it, its very hard for some people, especially liberals, to come to admit how incredibly they screwed the pooch betting on this guy. He is a total SCoaMF and they are only just coming to terms with that now.