Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Country's Mood on a Syrian Intervention - UPDATED AGAIN

Here's the poll question:

And here's the poll results as of as of 10:58 AM on September 3, 2013, which pretty much says it all....

UPDATE I:  Reports are that House Speaker John Boehner will support the Emperor's whims.

Note to John Boehner:  You are a spineless disgrace. Please switch parties right now.

UPDATE II: Final count:

Yes, I know this is not a scientific poll. Nevertheless, it is most instructive on the mood of Americans on the issue today. Personally observed anecdotal evidence supports this conclusion: Not one person I know (most of whom were Obama voters) is in favor of a U.S. intervention in Syria in any way, so it's pretty damn safe to say that it is only our now thoroughly corrupted political class and the beneficiaries of the Milindustcomplex who are chafing to go into Syria at this point.


  1. Let's see -- send US forces to support al Qaeda in their war against Assad or not?

    Not much of a contest is it?

    1. LL: Indisputably, you're right. The problem seems to be that the 8-9% in favor are likely heavily represented by our political class. There's a valuable lesson in there somewhere.

    2. That the political class operate outside the realm of reality or common sense? That they are an entitled, bloated gang of mandarins who don't care so long as the "club" loves them?

    3. ... or maybe that they are arrogant pricks with ears who've come to believe in the spew emanating from their own PR machines that they really are smarter and better than those they are meant to SERVE and that if we get a little uppity, well, they'll just do whatever the hell they please anyway since only they count?

  2. Of course the 92% are breaking Al Qaeda's heart. Sad for them.