Saturday, November 17, 2012

SHARIA: La Resistance Commence...

Hopefully France is slowly awaking from it's torpor to discover it's on the verge of losing its identity.

The French love their wine, fashion, topless beaches, and casual attitude toward sex, but over the years the French were lulled into believing there would be no price to pay for allowing unfettered immigration of Muslims from North Africa. Should France not very soon change course, she will find that all of life's small pleasures like great wine or an uncovered nipple at the beach will vanish with the imposition of Sharia.

The following video gives hope that positive change is coming to France:

 Hat tip Eric Dondero

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  1. I do hope the Froggies take advantage of their sexual happiness to crank-out a few more babies. One immutable Law of Nature: Demographics is Destiny.

    Nipples on the beach is one thing, but nipples feeding hungry rug-rats even better. Just saying.