Wednesday, August 22, 2012

News For The Obamaphate: Wow, I never saw THIS coming!

Rasmussen Reports today reports that Linda McMahon, formerly of WWE fame, is now 3 percentage points ahead of Cong. Chris Murphy (D - Cong 5th Dist). Is sanity returning to Connecticut?
Click da Link:
Connecticut Senate: McMahon (R) 49%, Murphy (D) 46%


  1. WWE has more credibility than the Democratic Party incumbents.

    However, in liberal Conn., it's amazing that the electorate is coming around.

  2. I've no doubt that there will be many soiled undergarments in Washingtoon and Hartford tonight.

    1. "Is sanity returning to Connecticut?"

      Hello NO. That's some way off just yet.

      For starters, CT' RINOs would have to die-off (or step aside peacefully)and let libertarians such as Schiff have a go.

      Speaking of soiled Depends, of course, there's the scourge of geriatric NAMBLA-supporting "conservative" "Republican" delegates out of CT that don't exactly, um, enhance the GOP's return to clarity.

    2. Anyone in particular I should know about?