Friday, November 11, 2011

Stupid Liberal Judicial Tricks

Back on  May 6, 2010  I reported here how five California High School students were sent home when they refused to remove American Flag T-shirts. I predicted they would sue, they did, and THEY LOST.

In a deeply disturbing - but sadly not at all surprising - decision, a California Federal District Court has sided with the school district. 

California is well and truly screwed.


  1. Who cares about secession? ... What we ought to consider is partition. Hell, we'll take the San Diego Valley as the 50th State and let rest of Fornicalia go it's own way. Blame it all on San Andreas.

  2. You raise a good point, but then how on earth would they pay for all the great stuff they get now?

    They'd have to declare war and lose a la Duchy of Grand Fenwick. Were it to come to that,I'd propose we let them win as occurred in the book.

    Then we'd see just how long the people of Kalifornicate would continue to tolerate the likes of Pelosi & her ideological kin.