Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fatuous Asswipe Politico Columnist William Yeomans Calls Conservatives "Terrorists"

That's right, I said it, Yeomans is an ASSWIPE.

Here are just some of the outrageous accusations he throws at principled conservatives who in good faith oppose the Democrats' headlong rush to eviscerate our economy by spending us into oblivion.
It has become commonplace to call the tea party faction in the House "hostage takers.” But they have now become full-blown terrorists.
They have joined the villains of American history who have been sufficiently craven to inflict massive harm on innocent victims to achieve their political goals. A strong America has always stood firm in the face of terrorism. That tradition is in jeopardy, as Congress and President Barack careen toward an uncertain outcome in the tea party- manufactured debt crisis.
The rest of this slimy hack's outrageous demonizing hit piece titled "The tea party's terrorist tactics" can be found in nauseating full here.

I call Yeomans a hack because it is now plainly evident that he is but one player in a far larger cabal of Democrat operatives fully engaged in an all out propaganda campaign to push through the failed agenda of a now desperate failed president.

Hey, Yeomans, you hypocritical shithead,  don't ever expect to be treated civilly in the future. You've just forfeited any right to expect civil treatment going forward. You're a law professor...? What a thorough and shameful disgrace to the profession. 

H/T Wes Messamore writing at Left Coast Rebel


  1. That idiot has drank deeply from the Kool-Aid.

  2. A) I wasn't aware LCR was still on-line. (yawn) I spent four weeks reading TD's articles one afternoon.

    B) It's nice to see that someone reads HL's stuff. I can't. (By definition, anyone who calls himself "Humble" is an arrogant twit. There's usually a screw or three missing.)

    ...and those are the good guys. One day I'll completely unload on Stacy McCain and Michael Totten. Sorry - don't mean to offend.

    Enough of trashing our friends...


    C) Yeomans is a hack? (OMG! Who knew!?) That was one seriously adolescent hissy-fit. Between the hyperbole and the failed logic one doesn't know whether to laugh or to raise an eyebrow. One expects to see that sort of cr@p in a student newspaper from time to time, but not in a "professional" medium... which rather begs a question, yes?

  3. Woooo... You're in a mood huh?

    We still on for our brewski?

  4. Yep. Yep - you bet. We have evenings 8th, 9th, 10th free, I think. I'm thinking Saturday night 6th, too, depending upon what the fam dambily has planned.

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