Monday, November 1, 2010

Linda McMahon: Why didn't you run on this from the beginning?

Below is a new embedded radio advertisement from Linda McMahon advising that she'll (1) self limit her service in the senate to two terms, (2) take no government salary and (3) refuse congressional benefits for herself.

All I can say Linda, is that you should have started your campaign with this promise. I'm certain it would have helped your chances enormously. I'll be voting for you because the alternative of pathological liar and narcissist Dick Blumenthal is intolerable.

Good luck Linda!


  1. I hope she's able to pull it out. She's in the fraud margin.

  2. A very powerful ad, indeed. I love it! Linda's fault is she's far too modest: she hasn't taken a single penny of PAC money which is more than what most "teaparty" candidates can say. Go Linda!

  3. @ Matt: Odds aren't really in her favor, but it'll depend on turnout of the indies and which way they cast their votes.

    @ nacilbulpera: I've made no secret here that my candidate was Peter Schiff. I do believe that, given the chance, he'd have mopped the floor with Dick Blumenthal. Alas, it wasn't to be. Nevertheless, I hope she wins for the reason I gave in the post above.

  4. Either way, L., I'll be celebrating tonight. Methinks a Scotch or three. Depends. One is reserved for a potential O'Donnell win in DE, another for Miller in AK. If McMahon takes it, tomorrow is going to be rough...