Friday, February 19, 2010

The Humble Libertarian: Joe Stack Was A Left Leaning Marxist

W.E. MESSAMORE primary author for The Humble Libertarian has put up a remarkably good analysis of Joe Stack's screed that quite conclusively demonstrates that Mr. Stack was a far left wing zealot and demonstrably not the "Tea Party" enthusiast that the Ostrich Media Elite has tried - quite desperately - to paint him as.

Read it here: Joe Stack Was A Left Leaning Marxist:


  1. Glad some are pointing this important distinction out. Most of the MSM have either blatantly stated or implied that he's simply a "right-wing terrorist."

  2. It was predictable that they would try to place him with the Tea Parties. His manifesto suggests otherwise. In the meantime, the mad professor was a major lefty, but that is somehow left out.

  3. I'm sad for the guy's family and for the people he hurt.

    I don't know what the guy believed or if he had had any consistent philosophy. It seemed rather all emoting, not reasoning. (Don't say it...)

    But watch the trends: It is lefties getting desperate. They are the ones in the corner, feeling trapped, getting hysterical, expressing violence. I think rather it's just beginning. If you see what the hard left is doing - now - in Greece and France, you will know how they will flip-out here.