Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On Iran, Libertarians Cede the Credo to Conservatives...

Eric Dondero at Libertarian Republican has a thoughtful piece on this strange irony titled:

When Conservatives are more Libertarian, than the Libertarians

What a reversal. Freedom is breaking out across Iran. We are witnessing one of the most historical events of our lifetimes, comparable no doubt to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Yet, Libertarians, outside of this political news blog, Atlas Shrugs, the Libertarian Defense Caucus, and a few other libertarian Republicans, are for the most part silent.

Virtually no reportage at Reason. In the last week, just two articles on the whole Iranian Revolution at Reason, and one was more of a criticism of how CNN was covering the event, than coverage of the event itself. Cato is similarly unengaged.

The usual suspects on the Libertarian Left, LewRockwell.com, Justin Raimondo and AntiWar.com, and the Ron Paulists, are preaching the same "stay the hell out" line, they've been arguing for years. Some are even cheering on Obama for not making any statements seemingly in support of the protesters.

Incredibly, not a single press release has been sent out by the Libertarian Party on the biggest issue of the day.

So, where are all the freedoms lovers in the United States to be found?

On the Conservative Right.

See the whole of Eric's post by clicking here.

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